About shiego926

It was a pen name I started using when I was just in high school. I’ve used it as a signature for poems and short stories (although it didn’t last long cause I really don’t know how to write a story) (^^#)>. Also, used it for photos and art works. I just remembered I’ve got a Deviant Art account but not that active anymore due to time constraint. Eventually, I’ll add something to that site *someday* (-_-).

As of the moment, my current interests are make-ups and brushes. Then, one day that will change to.. But for now I’m enjoying the new hobby. I won’t be able to provide a tutorial though because it seems that there’s a lot of things about it already but will share my thoughts on those tutorials that I find interesting and useful.

This blog space that I’m using would sort of bookmark things that I find useful in the internet (like a browser bookmark but with my thoughts and some images) (^_^)v more of a personal, public collection of useful links.

But, I also hope somewhere out there, my entries could help someone to connect with the vloggers and bloggers that I manage to share via my post.



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