February 2016 Looks

Miss Minchin look (^_^)/ because of my eye glasses… heehee


Wakey wakey me
look… I used this when I don’t have much sleep the night before.  More on highlights, a bit of contouring but not too much, pink lips and pink blush.

And a few Cat’s Eye look… 

… very simple look with a soft eye shadow and intense black eye liner.
… for Glass wearers, darker eye shadow, intense black liner and red lippie. Below this is how it looks without the glasses.


 … with contour, made the filter lighter at the top-rightmost to show the contour on the cheek, chin, eyes and nose.


Heart’s Day look ❤ (^_^)v

That’s it! Didn’t base the looks from any videos. I just played around with Urban Decay’s shadow (also used for the liner), NYX Contour stick and the other items found in my February make up bag. Also, I bought a new lippie this month, as shown in the picture below (which is very striking.. and vampirish) (><,):


For contouring, I followed Wayne Goss’ video entitled “HOW TO CONTOUR LIKE A PRO – INVISIBLE”.

Then… Where’s the review?!?!? I decided to post a separate entry on this one. Because I noticed that the January 2016 looks and reviews became to long. So, for this entry, let me just show case my experiment on the items in my February 2016 Makeup Bag.

Good night and Good morning to whichever timezone you are (^_^)/


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