January 2016 Looks and Reviews

I had a great time trying out the looks that I got from the video suggestions in the recent What’s in my makeup bag entry. Then, also tried my own look using those beauties plus Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Naked. So, let’s get started…

The Looks

Simple Matte Cut Crease

Video Reference: Tutorial from Steph’s Beauty05
This one is the fanciest of them all.  I like the cut crease and the double cat eye liner. I won’t be providing the tutorial since it would be redundant 🙂 So, I suggest visit Steph’s Beauty05 site. I deviated a bit on the lipstick color and I used NYX soft matte lip cream in Istanbul for that pinkish matte lip (^^)/ I don’t use false lashes so the lashes are not that obvious in the picture. I just use mascara to slightly define it (since I’ve got short lashes).



Smokey Grey Eyes

Video Reference: Tutorial from Maya Mia
This look is my favorite for this month. And it is the reason why I subscribed to Maya Mia (^_^)/ Her other videos are also great .. check it out and maybe you’ll subscribe too.SmokeyGreyEyesByMayaMia.jpg


Soft Smokey Liner and Burgundy Lips

Video Reference: Tutorial from Maya Mia
Again, I deviated on the lips. This is supposed to be burgundy but I used my gloss instead.



Just Rosy Cheek and Pink Lips

This is my goto look if there’s no time for eye shadow. I used Urban Decay Flushed in Naked to add an over all color to my face after applying Bare Mineral’s Powder Foundation. Then for the lips, I experimented a bit with L’Oreal’s Tint Caresse powder lipstick. I used Sakura Blossom for the middle part. For the outer corners of the lips, I used Orchid blossom. It gives the lips a hint of ombré. For the eyes, I used Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Perversion in the upper lash line. For mascara, I used Urban Decay’s CannonBall



Most Favorite

#1 bareMinerals’ Original Foundation, Medium beige

I’m a first time user of powder foundation and I like it. After application, it didn’t highlight the micro exfoliation happening on my left cheek which started last December. I’ve achieve light coverage with it which diminishes the slight redness around my nose. But it takes long to achieve a medium to full coverage. Thankfully, I don’t need much coverage this month. Best of all, I love the dispenser. It has this mechanism wherein you can choose how many will get dispense by adjusting how many holes are open (refer to the image below):

Top Left: 1-hole, Bottom Left: 2-holes, Right: 3-holes

#2 Nyx’s Soft Matte Lip Cream, Instanbul

One word: soft. Somehow, I feel the softness of this product while applying it on my lips (^.^). I don’t know if you know what I mean but it just feel soft plus that sweet smell.. Mmmm… it smells really really good... I really love this product and this color.


#3 Urban Decay Naked Flushed, Naked

I like, like, like this product to achieve a natural sun kissed look. The color payoff on my skin is just enough for that healthy glow thus it is not visible on the selfies above, apologies for that. When I bought this, I was a bit worried if the bronzer would be too “orangey” for my skin but no, it was good and very blendable. It works well with the bareMinerals’ foundation I used above.


Least Favorite

#1 Kiko False Lashes Concentrate, Volume Top Coat Mascara

It was good for the first few hours. It really volumizes my sparse lashes. But at the end of my shift or even before it, it transfers and smudges at the bottom of my eyes. Not sure if it was due to my application. But I apply it like a normal mascara. Note that I use it with the UD Cannonball mascara since it’s a top coat. Though I’ll give it a go again this month because it seems that it could be caused by my foundation or moisturizer (since they have oil in them) based on this article. I probably need to really set the foundation near the eye area to make it work. Will see…


#2 bareMinerals’ All Over Face Color, Warmth

The color is too dark but as Shelbey mentioned you should use just a bit and then you have to blend it well. Since I got this from a set, I didn’t get to choose a lighter color. So to make it work with my skin tone, if it gets to warm/dark I blend it with a translucent powder. Lastly, the dispenser is a mess. I should have not removed the tape completely. Forgot that.. lookie here (–#)> So, I really have to be careful when using this one.


The End.

Let me know if you’ve got any comments or tips. Also, I’m interested to know if the products mentioned here worked or didn’t worked on your end.

Have a great day or night, wherever you are (^_^)/



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