What’s in my makeup bag: January 2016


In my make up bag for January, the above picture are the main products that I will use as much as possible and hopefully, give a review by end of this month via the January 2016 Looks entry.

I just bought Bare Minerals kit in Sephora from my recent trip. I’ve used it a number of times this month and so far so good. It was also lucky that I checked out the tutorial on how to use Bare Minerals mineral foundation and the kit in general prepared by Shelbey because she explained it really well and saved me from wasting the product.

Then, the come back of my old but gold TheBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude. For the lips, one of my recent favorite is Nyx’s Soft Matte Cream in the color Instanbul.

The following are the looks that I will try to do:

Then lastly, not make up related but a video from two Beagles, Charlie and Ollie. It can make you smile at the least. You may also end up rotfl (^_^#)>. Let’s starting smiling by clicking here and watch intently.







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