December 2015 Looks, Post #RedHairProject & EuroTrip

December 2015 Looks

Using the star of the month of November 2015, which was my practice month for December, the following are the looks resulting from Lancome’s travel palette:


Please note that I recreated them today since I forgot to take a close up picture of the looks during my vacation (^^#)

  1. Top – Left to Right: Lack-of-time, With spare time, Christmas Night Makeup
  2. Bottom – Left to Right: No eye shadow, Warm Tone, Smokey
  3. Center – are the two lipsticks that I mix and match when I am not just using my lipglose (^^,)/

Then here’s a picture of the products I used:


The newest addition here is the Kiko Cosmetic’s BB cream. I got this from Milan after I noticed that due to the cold weather the hydrating foundation & primer from Smashbox is not working on me. Dry patches resulted from it after a few minutes outside and exposed to cold wind. Since the BB Cream is light and very liquid (and I think it has oil in it), it was able to withstand the cold wind and just a few dry patches developed after a few hours of exposure. Applying jojoba oil on my moisturizer might have help in preventing the dry patches.

Post Red Hair Project Update

So they say, the cold weather is a fake red hair’s best friend… And I think I believe it… The red was vibrant even if the bottom section show some signs of fading.

For maintenance, I used the same products as before but only the quantity that I need (light packing heehee). I follow the same schedule on when to wash it or use a dry shampoo.

Some of these pictures are intentional for this blog others are just snap shots taken from our couple pics (o^^o):


EuroTrip 2015 Adventure

Then, here are some pics from our Eurotrip ü It was a nice adventure and an accomplishment for me and my special one (^^,)/

Artsy Pictures of Museums and Landmarks

  • Top-Left: Versailles, France (Chateau De Versailles)
  • Top-Right: Bern, Switzerland (Old City)
  • Bottom-Left: Zurich, Switzerland (Rheinfalls)
  • Bottom-Right: Pisa, Italy (Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Cathedral)



All about Paris

  • Top-Left: Eiffel Tower
  • Top-Right: Arc de Triomphe
  • Bottom-Left: Bridge on our way to Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Bottom-Right: Louvre Museum



Looking down from…

  • Top-Left: Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)
  • Top-Right: Rosengarten (Bern, Switzerland)
  • Bottom-Left: Leaning Tower (Pisa, Italy)
  • Bottom-Right: Campanile de San Marco (Venice, Italy)

(^^,)/ Good day!


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