#RedHairProject Week 3

Fifth Wash

December 02, washed my hair and decided to curl my hair as well (practicing for our Office Christmas party ü). Same findings. Still bright but it is starting to fade. I can see the the bleached hair tone on the bottom section of my hair.


6th Wash

December 05, as mentioned in the 5th wash it is starting to fade but I noticed that when sunlight hits it, it is still bright red. Ther are some “orange”-ish part but it blended well with the redness of the hair as shown below.


Then, also, the top most section is beginning to show a better red (probably due to oxidation).


Here’s a picture when I first had this then fast forward to the 5th and 6th wash. First two picture is the comparison of the 1st day and 5th wash. The last two is the comparison of the 1st day and 6th wash. I grouped them this way since they have relatively the same light source. 1st set flourescent, 2nd set sunlight. Click the picture below to view the image in its original size for comparison.


The color has faded a bit. Not that obvious but there is already a bit of orange undertone on the bottom section… which means it is about to fade to its bleach color self (^^,). But I think I like the way it fades slowly this time. I have 2 more washes before the 1 month expiry and we will see if it will still be similar or will become totally different with how it look from the first day that I had it colored.

Let me know what you think.

Products used:


Lafes Dry Shampoo in Red (Available in Healthy Options)
Pureology serious color care, super smooth shampoo (Available at BenchFix Salon)
Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Conditioner (Available at BenchFix Salon)
Shikai Color Reflect Shine Serum (Available at Beauty Bar shops and their online store)


Proganix, Smooth acai berry + Hydra Kerstin, Flat Iron Finish + Hydration (Available in Watsons)
Alba Botanica medium hold hair spray with color protection (Available in Healthy Options)
Eva NYC’s Up All Night Volumizing Spray (Available at Beauty Bar shops and their online store)
JML Travel Pro Hair Dryer
Wimpex Active Mini Pro


2 thoughts on “#RedHairProject Week 3

  1. olivialucieblake says:

    i recently dyed my hair red and i literally just used one box dye and it turned my red hair brown, but it washes out so fast! So annoying! Mines a little more toned down than yours, but i’ve been thinking about going brighter! I love the colour yours turned out!


    • shiego926 says:

      I totally agree! This color is really hard to maintain. My first try earlier this year had the same problem as yours. It faded quickly.

      Oh… That’s really kind of you… Thank you! I am loving it too (^^,)/ Not washing my hair everyday and using dry shampoo seems to work. I have one more week for this experiment… Will see how this project ends ü

      Liked by 1 person

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