#RedHairProject Week 2

There will be 8 washes in one month if I maintain a twice a week wash day which means:

  • Saturday (wash day)
  • Sunday to Tuesday (1st – 3rd day hair)
  • Wednesday (wash day)
  • Thursday to Friday (1st – 2nd day hair)

Please bear with the long posts for the next few weeks since I’m documenting my observation and experience weekly plus the products that I use (^^,) to maintain this color correctly. Hope someone, somewhere gets some tips from these posts. Also, please share your thoughts or useful sites related to maintenance/styling of color treated hair.

Third Wash

Washed my hair today, November 25. I was right that the color that wash off during my second wash is because of the Lafes dry shampoo which was red *sigh of relief*. Hair is still the same but having a third day hair is hard for me since I’m really used to washing my hair everyday. The dry shampoo was helpful in lessening the grease but since I am in a tropical country, it is sometimes not enough due to sweating. Luckily, my hair still smells nice and since I just had to walk for 20 to 30 minutes from parking to the office, a quick touch up with a brush/comb would help. But I am getting the hang of dry shampooing. I love the fact that hairfall has lessen since I started doing this. Plus, my hair looks healthier (even if it has been colored). I guess, I am doing something right after all (^_^#)>.

To add shine at the ends, I used Shikai’s Color Reflect Shine Serum since the bleached part loses its shine on days that I don’t wash my hair.

Remember to just use most of the product at the ends and just a few to none on your roots to avoid greasy feel. The root area is where your hair’s natural oil is released by your scalp which moisturizes your hair near that section. Usually, if your hair is not too dry, it doesn’t need additional serum like the Shine Serum that I’m using. If you think you still need to apply hydrating/moisturizing products on the roots but you don’t want it to be greasy, apply it from tips to roots. Personally, I just use it on the bottom section of my hair.


Fourth Wash

November 28, washed my hair but no time to dry it though. Braided it as shown below. Due to light source it’s a bit ginger-ish color at the ends. Top-left picture (which was not bleached) is still the same color, red on my brown-black hair produced a reddish brown for the top section of my hair . Bottom section (which was the red ombré) is still vibrant  but due to the light source in the morning it was a bit gingery (bottom-left).


For this week, I used a combination of Snoe and Lafes which has a better effect on my hair plus a better smell due to the peppermint in Snoe’s dry shampoo. I’ll continue that for the next few days (^^,)/

Note: Snoe’s Dry Shampoo was the first dry shampoo I used during my first attempt to try the red ombre last May. It smells nice and really removes the oil but, if you used too much of it, it looks like dandruff 😛 But I learned a better way in using it:

  1. Instead of disposing an old powder brush, I used that as my dry shampoo applicator
  2. Then, I used the round white container shown below as my..uhmmmm… container hehe
  3. Let it sit for a few minutes or while you are applying your makeup
  4. Then, brush it with a paddle brush or any brush that can remove it. I used either a paddle brush or tangle teezer (since they are easy to clean afterwards).

I posted the following set of pictures in instagram since it was fun playing with the different shades of red by just changing light source and angles (plus the cute photobomber in the upper-right photo (^^,)d. These pictures were taken a day after the 4th wash 🙂 Top set of pictures during night time and flourescent light as light source. Bottom set of pictures during morning and a very sunny day.


New Product

I added another product on my list for days that I attempt to curl my hair or I just want the volume to stay longer. It is the Eva NYC’s Up All Night Volumizing Spray. Have you tried it? Let me know what you think.

Products used:


  • Lafes Dry Shampoo in Red (Available in Healthy Options)
  • Pureology serious color care, super smooth shampoo (Available at BenchFix Salon)
  • Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Conditioner (Available at BenchFix Salon)
  • Shikai Color Reflect Shine Serum (Available at Beauty Bar shops and their online store)


  • Proganix, Smooth acai berry + Hydra Kerstin, Flat Iron Finish + Hydration (Available in Watsons)
  • Alba Botanica medium hold hair spray with color protection (Available in Healthy Options)
  • Eva NYC’s Up All Night Volumizing Spray (Available at Beauty Bar shops and their online store)
  • JML Travel Pro Hair Dryer
  • Wimpex Active Mini Pro



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