#RedHairProject Week 1

First Wash

So, today November 18, was the first wash my hair had after the color and treatment last November 15. Not as straight as the salon hair day since I braided it a bit.

And, yehey for me and my stylists, it was not bleeding as much as my May 2015 ombré.  Actually, not bleeding at all (maybe a weee bit but not noticeable).

Well again this is the first wash let’s see on the next days to come. (^^,)/


Lower-left: Loose braid for loose wave

Second Wash

November 21, almost gave me a heart attack when I was washing off the shampoo from my head… It was red all over. Then, it dawn on me that I was using a red dry shampoo. Guessing, I wasn’t able to remove most of it 😦 still learning to use it. But just to be sure, for this week I’ll be using my normal hair dry shampoo which is from snoe. Let’s see on my next wash if there will be no red streak on the bathroom floor.


Upper-left: Semi-curled for volume
All pictures around it: Blow dried (Hair is normally straight and not that flat similar with the first day I had this hair :-p)


For blowdrying, I found this video tutorial about drying hair with a blowdryer and a paddle brush by Eli Naor. Click here to check it out.


Products used:


  • Lafes Dry Shampoo in Red (Available in Healthy Options)
  • Pureology serious color care, super smooth shampoo
  • Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Conditioner


  • Proganix, Smooth acai berry + Hydra Kerstin, Flat Iron Finish + Hydration (Available in Watsons)
  • Alba Botanica medium hold hair spray with color protection (Available in Healthy Options)
  • JML Travel Pro Hair Dryer
  • Wimpex Active Mini Pro

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