New Hair-do and About #RedHairProject

A bit of history…
I had my hair colored red again. Just a background, the last time I had it done was last May 2015. Experience-wise, it was pretty hard to maintain. The ombré was great but since I didn’t have any treatment done on my hair, the bleached ends of my hair was really dry. Note that the top part, was left untouched because I was afraid of the bleach.


Then, I washed it the next day. And voila, red all over the bathroom floor. I was warned by Paolo (senior stylist in BenchFix Glorietta) that it will last for a month only which was true (though I was able to extend it for 2 more weeks before it tranformed to the bleached color due to dry shampoo). Every wash, I see red until it gets pinkish then orangish and then the bleached color.


Partly it was also my fault, since I didn’t regularly used the dry shampoo. I was washing it often which I believe is a no no.

THE END for my ombré past.

Now, how #RedHairProject started

Due to the red ombré last May, now I have an idea that the red color fits me. So, I wanna try it again before the holidays. Last Sunday, November 15, I set an appointment at BenchFix. Louie and James did a great job on color, haircut and the keratin treatment (with special attention on the bleached end of my hair which was dry). NOW, the ball is on me if I could maintain it and if Louie and James, really did a great job (^^,)/

Pictures on that day (apologies for the poor lighting though)


With Flash


Without Flash

I was not a fan of the “straightness” of the hair after keratin treatment since they had to iron all the strands of my hair so that it will be absorbed by the hair. But they did this after, blow drying with cold air (my favorite part). Thankfully it won’t stay flat (Louie assured me lol ü).

Second Day Hair
I love how the color changes from bright red to tone down mahogany depending on the light source (^^,)/ As you can see below, it is still flat since I didn’t wash it yet and just applied dry shampoo. My third day hair also looks the same ü


So, for this project, I would maintain it and see if I can extend its one-month expiry (^^,)/ with the right tools and the right products.

For washing, Pureology Color Care and Kerasilk.
For days without washing, Lafes Dry Shampoo for Red Hair.

My plan is to check in at least every week.#RedHairProject


Salon: BenchFix, SM BF, Parañaque, Philippines
Stylist: Louie Panlilo (Senior Stylist, Monday off) and James (Junior Stylist)

Contact No.:+63 2 720 8552


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