Empties and Review Sessions

T.N. Dickinson’s Witchhazel 100% Natural Astringent (473mL)
At PHP300, roughly around 6-7$, is a steal than the toners that I usually buy. I found out about Witchhazel because I was researching on the use of tea tree oil (I know… not that related (^^#)>) when I stumble upon this video of IslandCurlz21’s Fight Acne with Tea Tree Oil. She mentioned that she uses a drop of tea tree oil with her WitchHazel’s toner. That’s where it all started… upon further research, I found out that we have it here in the Philippines at Healthy Options and thus, I discovered T.N. Dickinson’s. It has different uses aside from toning, like:

  • soothe sunburn (not a long lasting effect but it lessens the pain and itchiness of a sunburn.. although, aloe vera would still be the best option for sunburn imo)
  • lessen itchiness of insect bites (effective on this one)
  • DIY brush cleanser – click here to check it out

For the past 4 mmonths, I have been using it and already bought my second bottle. Loving it!


The Body Shop’s Camomille Waterproof Eye & Lip Make-up Remover (150mL)
A very gentle make-up remover but on the pricier side PHP650 (~14$). I love using it for hard to remove cream shadow makeup. Before, I usually use The Faceshop’s Rice Water Bright Lip and Eye Remover but got curious on The Body Shop’s version. Don’t get me wrong though… both are effective removers but The Faceshop one gets finished quicker because I also use it to moisturize my eyes more than as a makeup remover (^^#)>. Then, I also noticed that The Bodyshop‘s version removes eye shadow quicker than The Faceshop. But will I buy this product again, yes but I’ll be alternating between these two makeup removers.


CÉLETEQUE’s Facial Moisturizer Water-based and Oil-Free (??? – part of a set)
I usually use oil based moisturizer but then I learned that oil based moisturizer doesn’t work with water-based foundation… Oil & water don’t mix.. simple science.. but sometimes I forget (^^#)> I learned it the hard way.. foundation became cakey but I had no time to retouch so I have to own the cakiness for 8 hours in the office heehee I don’t mind though since it’s just for a few hours and not an official event anyway. But back to my mini review, it was the most gentle moisturizer I have ever used. Usually, there is some reaction on my face whenever I use moisturizer (a bit tingling then sometimes my face sweats). But on this one, there’s none and it keeps my face and neck hydrated regardless if it’s hot outside or cold inside the office. I bought the mini version which was a set containing this moisturizer, alcohol free toner and hydrating facial wash. Now, I finished it all up (^_^)d and bought the full size one of the moisturizer. I’ll be using it for days with no make up or water-based foundation. Then, alternate it with my oil-based one for nights and for days, that I use oil-based foundation.


Video Reference

  • For more information on what moisturizer should be used for a foundation, click here to watch Wayne Goss’ video.
  • Use of tea tree oil on toner, wash and mask, click here to watch IslandCurlz21’s video.

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