What’s in my makeup bag: October 2015

Here is what you’ll find in my makeup bag for the month of October:


The main stars for this month are the Maybelline’s Color Tattoo 24Hr Cream Shadows plus one Color Ink which includes those in the picture above and 5 more below:


Maybelline got creative with how they named their shadows (^_^)/ and I love the play of words… a LOT!

1st Picture

  • Left to Right: Gold Rush, Audacious Asphalt, Color Ink (BE-1)

2nd Picture

  • Left to Right (CENTER & TOP): Tenacious Teal, Edgy Emerald, Painted Purple
  • Left to Right (BOTTOM): Bad to the Bronze, Inked in Pink

No video reference this month. I will squeeze my creative juices and mix & match these shadows. Hopefully, I do not make a mess of myself (^_^#)>

I have tried the following combinations early this week:

  • Color Ink (BE-1) Champagne color good as base and Audacious Asphalt a grey, glitterish shadow that can be use in the outer V of your eye
  • Inked in Pink as base shadow and again, Audacious Asphalt  as outer V shadow

In my opinion, these shadows are even good on their own plus an eyeliner and a mascara. I even use them as eyeliner specially Tenacious Teal and Painted Purple.

I’m open for any suggestions 🙂 Post your comments or reference videos that uses Maybelline’s Color Tattoo 24HR cream pots.


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