DIY: Color Switcher

I was meaning to share this with you guys a few weeks ago but just found the time today ü This nifty makeup tool has been there for a while but would like to post this on my blog so that I won’t forget. I was checking out past videos of Wayne Goss and one of it is the video on How to instantly clean your brush without washing / spray or alcohol.

It was about Vera Mona’s Color Switch. It was a cool tool but on the pricey side. Then, I thought of looking for a DIY version since it seems that it could be done so here you go…

You’ll just need 2 materials:

– Donut Bun (medium or large size)


– Metal Tin Can (round preferably if you want it to look like the Vera Mona’s version)


The we can start our mini DIY Project…

Step 1. The only step that makes sense heehee… Put the donut bun inside the round metal tin can. Ü Like this:


Voila… You’ve got your own version of color switch which will just cost you around 2-3 bucks. I tried it out on my brushes using violet, black, red and blue eyeshadows to test if it works… And it did… Stroking the brush on the donut bun removes the color, then you can switch to another shadow as you please. Note that this only works on powder eye shadows (^_~)/

Then, if you are done with your make up just put the lid and stow it away to your makeup bag. Like this:


You can also use either side of the bun. Don’t forget to clean it once a week or after every use.

Here’s the video that I found in youtube by Elessa Jade. She shows it in action as well ü Then, if you want a silly and fun take about this DIY as well click here for Viidreamcatcher’s version.

Hope you find this helpful!

Additional info:

A micro fibre would also work instead of a donut bun.

Here’s a link to the original Color Switch from Vera Mona.


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