Make Up Haul: Make Up Store and Beauty Bar

“I won’t buy more make up until I finish all that I bought last year.”

That was what I said… But… But… But…

Let’s change the scope of what I said, “I won’t buy more eye shadow until I finish all or most of my collection” *wink*



Anyway, let’s check out my goodies. Not really hauling… I just bought a few pieces from Make Up Store and Beauty Bar.


1. Bahama Mama, The Balm – It was a bronzer that I’ve been waiting for last year but it was not available for a few months. Then, when it became available, I thought I don’t like the color when I swatched it. But, this weekend it was calling me from the counter. Finally, bought it after a year ü

2. High Performance Lipstick #421, ArtDeco – I like the color of this one ü Although, it doesn’t smell like the Cream Sweet Red lipstick I bought last year. Still.. I’m excited to try this out.

3. Crazy Lazy Eyepencil, Make Up StoreI like the color (^^,)d Its like metallic turqoise-ish color.

4. Cleansing Powder, Make Up StoreI was curious ü I do hope it’s really good for cleansing my face. It is a 2-in-1 product, cleans and exfoliates. The recommendation is to use once or twice a week. Plus, the container is very convenient.

And, that’s it!

Before I end this post, please enjoy singing Ariel’s song:



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