Etude Mascara

I was looking for NYX’s The Skinny Mascara but unfortunately it is not yet available in my favorite store.

Then, luckily a sales lady was kind enough to let me know that for other brands they have a skinny version, Etude’s Oh! M’ Eye Lash Slimcara.

Why was I looking for this? I would like to try putting mascara on my lower lashes with ease since oftentimes, when applying it with a normal size mascara it also gets on my undereye skin accidentally (Careless me!)

The following are some pics of the product:




Here are pics comparing it to Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara and Etude’s Waterproof Shockcara:


a. Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara
b. Etude’s Slimcara
C. Etude’s Waterproof Shockcara

It works nicely! Love how it lengthens my lower lashes without overdoing it. Then, it doesn’t fall off on my under eye area on my first try today during a hot, sunny event that I attended to. I’ll try it out some more for the next few days and let’s see if it will become my favorite mascara for the lower lashes.



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