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Brush Cleaning… My Zen

Last week was pretty hectic until Sunday. Not because of work (well a bit) but mostly because I was sick for a few days and feeling fatigued than usual. I’m giving it a week if I need to have myself checked again or I just need to have that good rest. Now, it is Monday and I am still unwell but I found my Zen..

Brush Cleaning


… to relax and hopefully, I’ll be back and ready for work tomorrow (miss doing my job a lot ü)

Youtube Links and My Thoughts

I won’t be providing a brush cleaning tutorial but will be putting some useful links below that was shared by Youtubers that I find useful and got my ideas from:

Brush Cleaning Tutorial with Brush Egg – a very useful tutorial
Brush Drying Rack – basis of my drying rack
Pixiwoo Guide to Makeup Brushes – contains some tips on cleaning brush at the end (spot cleaning or deep cleaning)

Lastly, the following will just be some items that I used in cleaning my brushes:

1. Brush Egg – This tool is very nifty and affordable. I really love it since I don’t have ‘prune fingers’ resulting from cleaning my brush. Why? Because before I used the palm of my hand to clean the bristles by swishing it gently in circular motion (as if you are blending your make-up on your palm). If you have more than 10 brushes to clean and you’re palm and fingers are soaked in water and soap… You get the gist! Going back, this is available in The Ramp, Glorietta which I happen to see (and obviously bought as well ü) while I was hauling some RealTechniques brushes (that’s a different story and not for this entry lol ü). I’ve been using this for months and really removed hard-to-clean dirt/stain from the brushes together with the cleaning agent. Here’s the picture:


2. Cleaning agent – My concoction of choice has these three ingredients — baby shampoo, olive oil and water. Before, I only use baby shampoo and lukewarm water for brushes then after some research, I found out that you can add olive oil that acts as conditioner of the brush. After doing it for about 3 months weekly, it really works.

3. Brush Dryer – The item shown below is a DIY brush dryer and I got an idea from some Youtubers (one of which is the link above) and sort of combined it. I bought the plastic rack from Japan Homes and the elastics from National Bookstore. I heard about brush trees but they are pretty expensive. Although, AliExpress has some similar items that is way cheaper but I didn’t opt for it since it will take 30-60 days before it gets delivered and the rush delivery fee is way expensive than the product’s price ü Without further adieu, here’s the brush dryer and some of the items that I use when prepping the clean brushes for drying:


4. Sanitizing Agent – The ingredients I used are water and tea tree oil. I put 10 drops of tea tree oil in a 30ml spray bottle. Then, add water. Shake. And, that’s it you have a DIY brush cleaner. But I’m still experimenting on the measurement but hopefully, it will clean and sanitize my brushes without drying it out. I’m just new on essential oils but will let you know in a month’s time if it works for spot cleaning my brush (after every use). Here’s the picture of something thay I bought from beauty bar and something that I made using water and tea tree oil (recycled a 30ml spray bottle from Juice Beauty):


Good night, Good day everyone! Wherever you are hope you find the links and my thoughts useful.


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