Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara

I love the brush of this Mascara. Since I’ve got a few, short lashes, the applicator was able to lengthen and volumize it without the clumping. It doesn’t look fake as well (thus, the name ü).

But, it is pricey than my usual brand (Maybelline). Yet for the price, it is worth it. For a normal office look, just one coat is enough. For a dramatic look, two or three would do the magic.

Not hooked (due to the price) but definitely something that you should try. Let me know if you got the same review because we’ll surely have different thoughts on this product.

Here’s a picture:



2 thoughts on “Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara

  1. shiego926 says:

    Me too. My go-to-mascara… hopefully, I don’t use it up soon since it is pricey.
    It was really a pain to use the eye-liner partner of this mascara “They’re real Push-up Liner” (or probably I just don’t know how to use it).


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