Long time… and my fave make up base…

I was not able to upgrade my hard disk… Yet 🙂

… Had a change in priorities since I’ve withdrawn from my masteral. So, the laptop is still good for browsing and pluralsight. Not so much for programming though. Anyway, it is still in my ‘to buy’ list (^^,)/

About me… Been too busy with work but still find time to do personal and family stuff.

Current favorite thing to learn or do (aside from coding) is…

… teaching myself on how to use make up and collect some items that may come in handy on special occasions.

For today, I’ll share about my favorite make-up base at the moment Maybeline’s Baby Skin Pore Eraser. I was looking for Garnier’s Perfect Blur when i stumbled upon this beauty (since the latter is not available in the stores that I checked out).

It is purrrrfect for my skin. Just a pea size amount and it goes a long way. It is also way cheaper than Benefit’s Porefessional which is another item that I also want to try but i might not be able to anymore since Baby Skin is, as i said earlier, purrrrrfect to what I need it to do for a cheaper price: to make foundation or cc/bb cream application a piece of cake.



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