W700 SSD Upgrade *Challenge Accepted?*

I was looking for a way to upgrade the SSD of my tablet (named TOI) and found this presentation, A Guide to Disassemble Acer Tablet W700.

Currently, it just have 64GB and I was ok with it.  But then for the past few days, I realized I would need a PC that would allow me to develop programs/websites. Since this is a PC (aside from being a tablet), it can do a lot but it limits the tools that I can use because of its local storage capacity. The following questions are bugging me…

Why don’t you ask the help of technician? It’s not that I don’t want to. I am just curious on how to do it on my own.
What about the risk of damaging your tablet? Yeah… I’ve been thinking about that mostly. I know how to disassemble a desktop to upgrade some of its component.. but when I saw the presentation… I think a tablet is more challenging since it has smaller components that are “chaotically” organized in such a way to fit a compact area.

Oh well…. We will see if I was able to do it or not… if the challenge was really accepted or not (^_^)/ The thing is I need to save up money for the storage first and then think about (and build the confidence to) disassembling TOI.


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