Kite Flying

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Clark Airbase, Pampanga

Highlight: Kite Flying and Skydivers

Since we were not able to wake at 4am and get there by 5am, we did not get to see the fun and interesting balloons. Night glow was not successful since it was really windy last Feb 24 5.30pm onwards.

We got there around 2.30pm. It was really hot but very windy. There were some stunts fron airplanes and sky divers. It was really cool specially the color of their parchutes. For the planes they have flour bombs to target to person below the flying area.

The most fun experience I have is kite flying. It was my first time. I experienced setting up, letting it go higher, tangled in one of the flags, getting off and accisentally “kite fighting”. I lost though. My penguin kite flew too far that we were not allowed to get it. Here are pictures that I can share with you:




Also, we tried out street food that we were not able to eat for a long tome already like – cotton candy, snow cone and hotdog. ^.^


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