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Wakeboarding at Nuvali and Chicago Club

Who am I with? – Efren, Mitz, Jo, Lester, Claire, Nic and JR

Wakeboarding… Giving it a two thumbs up in my list. Had a great time and a great beginner’s luck first try.

The booboo part though is you have to fall in line and wait for around 30 minutes to an hour for your next try. 😦

For two hours, I was only able to try 3 times. I had fun though and was able to spend time with my cousin and our friends.

Bonding time with Nic while our friends were busy falling in line hehe we talked about life, our love ones (our one and only) and another wakeboarding place that he and his girlfriend go to which is in Batangas and farther than Tagaytay. JR and I will try that place out. JR’s familiar with the place since that is where he used to wakeboard and he even bought his own gears (that’s how serious he was ^.^). Hope our plan to make it our couple sport will materialize (if budget and schedule permits).

Then after awhile, Nic tried out the advanced level while I went and prepare since JR will pick me up since we have work to do that day.

Night time came, we went to Chicago Club with the same set of friends. We sang lots of song and drank a bit of alcohol (a bit since we were late). They had me and JR sing duets. Love singing Just A Kiss and Cruisin’ with him. In my opinion, our voice blended well. Then, we sang group songs and a bit of solo songs here and there.

It was really, really a fun day. Joanne enjoyed it a lot and I was so happy to learn, see and feel her happiness. We weren’t able to spend time but all is well. I guess we need a break from each other haha since we are really inseperable at times. She needs to miss me right?

Hope you enjoy reading our fun night. Ciao!

Below are some pictures from that day:









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