Happy Saturday with Siblings

Cooked lunch at home with youngest brother. Enjoyed it a lot. Bonding time like this, is the BEST.

We even had lunch together – kate, paopao, yoyong and me. Rare times on weekend that we are together when usually most of us are out. VJ is not here though but I hope he is also having a good time at Cebu. Miss mommy. I guess she would be happy to see us like this. Cooking together, eating together…

Earlier yoyong said… “paghaluin natin yung teriyaki and spicy Ate”

I said “baka di mo magustuhan. Paghiwalayin natin”

“ate kilala mo naman ako kahit ano kinakain”

(We separated the sweet concoction from the spicy one… anyway)

When the food were cooked and we started eating, he tried the spicy buffalo wings…

“ate di ko kaya yung anghang”

I giggled. That means I will be the one to finish it since no one wants the spicy wings due to hyperacidity and for yoyojng, due to “it is too spicy” for his taste *wink*

Oh well more for me d(^.^)b



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