ScribbleILove posts will be on hold…

… for the next few months. I won’t be able to post entries since my laptop will not be available.


I’ll try to find a way. For now, let’s assume that I, rather my posts, will be on an indefinite vacation (^^,)d

But, you can check out updates on my instagram account for the timebeing via @marjoriesbeautygram. I’ll use it to post pictures of  What’s in my make up bag and monthly Looks starting March 2016. Detailed reviews, empties and DIYs will be on hold temporarily.Thank you for your understanding!


What’s in my makeup bag: March 2016

It’s all about The Body Shop eye shadows (^_^)/


Sorry that this is a pretty late post for March due to sickness for about a week and being busy for the rest of it. But no worries I was able to experiment.

Then for the past two days, I got some ideas from emilynoel83 and I used the shadows above. Emily is starting a new eye shadow series that got me excited. It’s back to basic and sometimes you just need to do that to get new, creative and wearable makeup. Here’s her videos from this series:

Have a great day!

February 2016 Faves & Flops



#1 Nyx’s Wonder Stick, WS03 Deep

For a subtle contour, this is pretty good. It is very creamy and easy to blend. I followed this video of Wayne Goss in creating that subtle contoured face.

#2 The Body Shop’s Thin Felt Eyeliner, Skinny

Best eye liner so far. It didn’t smudge and very easy to use. The color is intense and a very good liner to use when using glasses (specially with transition lens like mine). The transition lens of glass is a bit dark so whenever I use

#3 Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation, Soft Beige

One word… Gorgeous!



#1 Nyx’s Rouge Cream Blush, CB07 Red Cheeks

I find it hard to use and had to blend with what’s left on of the foundation on a stippling brush. But I’m guessing this is a user error since I think, I can adjust the intensity. I just didn’t realize that dubbing it gently on the blush will get so much pigment.

February 2016 Looks

Miss Minchin look (^_^)/ because of my eye glasses… heehee


Wakey wakey me
look… I used this when I don’t have much sleep the night before.  More on highlights, a bit of contouring but not too much, pink lips and pink blush.

And a few Cat’s Eye look… 

… very simple look with a soft eye shadow and intense black eye liner.
… for Glass wearers, darker eye shadow, intense black liner and red lippie. Below this is how it looks without the glasses.


 … with contour, made the filter lighter at the top-rightmost to show the contour on the cheek, chin, eyes and nose.


Heart’s Day look ❤ (^_^)v

That’s it! Didn’t base the looks from any videos. I just played around with Urban Decay’s shadow (also used for the liner), NYX Contour stick and the other items found in my February make up bag. Also, I bought a new lippie this month, as shown in the picture below (which is very striking.. and vampirish) (><,):


For contouring, I followed Wayne Goss’ video entitled “HOW TO CONTOUR LIKE A PRO – INVISIBLE”.

Then… Where’s the review?!?!? I decided to post a separate entry on this one. Because I noticed that the January 2016 looks and reviews became to long. So, for this entry, let me just show case my experiment on the items in my February 2016 Makeup Bag.

Good night and Good morning to whichever timezone you are (^_^)/

What’s in my makeup bag: February 2016

Short but sweet…


.. Minion Bob approves my February Makeup Bag items ü

I am just playing around with the eyeshadow colors on my own for now but I do have to review Wayne Goss’ Contouring Tutorial so that I can use NYX Wonder Stick correctly.

Anyway, that’s it for now… Good day! I am super sleepy… [(–.)] Zzzzzzzz..

January 2016 Looks and Reviews

I had a great time trying out the looks that I got from the video suggestions in the recent What’s in my makeup bag entry. Then, also tried my own look using those beauties plus Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Naked. So, let’s get started…

The Looks

Simple Matte Cut Crease

Video Reference: Tutorial from Steph’s Beauty05
This one is the fanciest of them all.  I like the cut crease and the double cat eye liner. I won’t be providing the tutorial since it would be redundant 🙂 So, I suggest visit Steph’s Beauty05 site. I deviated a bit on the lipstick color and I used NYX soft matte lip cream in Istanbul for that pinkish matte lip (^^)/ I don’t use false lashes so the lashes are not that obvious in the picture. I just use mascara to slightly define it (since I’ve got short lashes).



Smokey Grey Eyes

Video Reference: Tutorial from Maya Mia
This look is my favorite for this month. And it is the reason why I subscribed to Maya Mia (^_^)/ Her other videos are also great .. check it out and maybe you’ll subscribe too.SmokeyGreyEyesByMayaMia.jpg


Soft Smokey Liner and Burgundy Lips

Video Reference: Tutorial from Maya Mia
Again, I deviated on the lips. This is supposed to be burgundy but I used my gloss instead.



Just Rosy Cheek and Pink Lips

This is my goto look if there’s no time for eye shadow. I used Urban Decay Flushed in Naked to add an over all color to my face after applying Bare Mineral’s Powder Foundation. Then for the lips, I experimented a bit with L’Oreal’s Tint Caresse powder lipstick. I used Sakura Blossom for the middle part. For the outer corners of the lips, I used Orchid blossom. It gives the lips a hint of ombré. For the eyes, I used Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Perversion in the upper lash line. For mascara, I used Urban Decay’s CannonBall



Most Favorite

#1 bareMinerals’ Original Foundation, Medium beige

I’m a first time user of powder foundation and I like it. After application, it didn’t highlight the micro exfoliation happening on my left cheek which started last December. I’ve achieve light coverage with it which diminishes the slight redness around my nose. But it takes long to achieve a medium to full coverage. Thankfully, I don’t need much coverage this month. Best of all, I love the dispenser. It has this mechanism wherein you can choose how many will get dispense by adjusting how many holes are open (refer to the image below):

Top Left: 1-hole, Bottom Left: 2-holes, Right: 3-holes

#2 Nyx’s Soft Matte Lip Cream, Instanbul

One word: soft. Somehow, I feel the softness of this product while applying it on my lips (^.^). I don’t know if you know what I mean but it just feel soft plus that sweet smell.. Mmmm… it smells really really good... I really love this product and this color.


#3 Urban Decay Naked Flushed, Naked

I like, like, like this product to achieve a natural sun kissed look. The color payoff on my skin is just enough for that healthy glow thus it is not visible on the selfies above, apologies for that. When I bought this, I was a bit worried if the bronzer would be too “orangey” for my skin but no, it was good and very blendable. It works well with the bareMinerals’ foundation I used above.


Least Favorite

#1 Kiko False Lashes Concentrate, Volume Top Coat Mascara

It was good for the first few hours. It really volumizes my sparse lashes. But at the end of my shift or even before it, it transfers and smudges at the bottom of my eyes. Not sure if it was due to my application. But I apply it like a normal mascara. Note that I use it with the UD Cannonball mascara since it’s a top coat. Though I’ll give it a go again this month because it seems that it could be caused by my foundation or moisturizer (since they have oil in them) based on this article. I probably need to really set the foundation near the eye area to make it work. Will see…


#2 bareMinerals’ All Over Face Color, Warmth

The color is too dark but as Shelbey mentioned you should use just a bit and then you have to blend it well. Since I got this from a set, I didn’t get to choose a lighter color. So to make it work with my skin tone, if it gets to warm/dark I blend it with a translucent powder. Lastly, the dispenser is a mess. I should have not removed the tape completely. Forgot that.. lookie here (–#)> So, I really have to be careful when using this one.


The End.

Let me know if you’ve got any comments or tips. Also, I’m interested to know if the products mentioned here worked or didn’t worked on your end.

Have a great day or night, wherever you are (^_^)/


What’s in my makeup bag: January 2016


In my make up bag for January, the above picture are the main products that I will use as much as possible and hopefully, give a review by end of this month via the January 2016 Looks entry.

I just bought Bare Minerals kit in Sephora from my recent trip. I’ve used it a number of times this month and so far so good. It was also lucky that I checked out the tutorial on how to use Bare Minerals mineral foundation and the kit in general prepared by Shelbey because she explained it really well and saved me from wasting the product.

Then, the come back of my old but gold TheBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude. For the lips, one of my recent favorite is Nyx’s Soft Matte Cream in the color Instanbul.

The following are the looks that I will try to do:

Then lastly, not make up related but a video from two Beagles, Charlie and Ollie. It can make you smile at the least. You may also end up rotfl (^_^#)>. Let’s starting smiling by clicking here and watch intently.






Empties and Review Sessions

I got a couple of empties in my bag plus reviews and a new look for this type of entry (^_^)/  Enjoy!

Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Mousse Cleanser, 150ml

This product did not cause break out nor did it dry my skin so the hydro boost part must be true. The bottle lasts for about 2-3 months and I use it twice a day. This is already my second bottle. I love the scent since it is gentle. But if you use makeup, it won’t remove stubborn makeup residue. You would still need to use a makeup remover.

On a hot weather, my skin is normal and this wash is perfect. But on a cold weather, my skin is dry. I don’t think it helped with hydrating my skin. It cleans but it dried my face more. Although a good moisturizer remedies that.

Will I buy it still? YES for summer time!


Happy Meter (It works for me but…)
Sad Meter (… not on a rainy season.)
Cash Meter (It is not cheap but not super expensive either.)


Maybelline’s Baby Skin Pore Eraser, 22ml

The Baby Skin Pore Eraser was really a great primer. It works with my foundation or on its own. I noticed that it is a good primer for my liquid and cream foundation but not so much with BB/CC creams. They seem to not work together on my face and appears to be oily than “glowing”. But for liquid/cream foundation, it’s the best. I haven’t tried using it under a powder foundation if it will work nicely *maybe it will :P*. Another thing that I love about this product is a little bit goes a long way. It lasted a year (since I don’t apply makeup up everyday) but I believe this small tube will last 3-4 months of continued use since I don’t have to use a lot (just on the cheek area). The picture below was one of the instance that I used it on its own and no foundation applied just a dust of translucent powder. It did well during that event that I attended to. It keeps the blush and my light eye shadow in place 🙂

It’s effect on my face is similar with my Benefit’s POREfessional face primer. So, I would definitely buy this over Benefits since it feels and acts the same on my skin but just for a few bucks. Maybelline’s Baby Skin costs around $6, while Benefit’s POREfessional costs around $31. It is really a bang for the buck.


Happy Meter (It works for me!!!)
Sad Meter (No sadness felt (^_^)d)
Cash Meter (It is really a bang for the buck!)


BenQ’s miacare(r) Spot Care Patch (For Night/For Day), 12 pieces

This is my go to pimple patch and it really works in getting zits out of my face in a few days (2-3 days). I don’t have lots of pimples but when I do have them, it’s a few zits on very inconvenient places like the nose when I have colds or near the forehead where it can be accidentally hit by my comb *ouchies*. Kidding aside, if i apply it at night and sleep on it in the morning, I already see improvement on the pimple. It seems to me that it has a dab of magic making the pimple smaller and smaller until it goes away after 2-3 days. What I don’t get though is why they have a product for Night or for Day? I checked out the content and they are the same. It says though on the For Day box that it is ultra thin and can be covered by makeup. So, that might be the difference. But I’ve been using this for a while now and didn’t notice that. It says that it can work under makeup but I haven’t tried putting makeup on it yet. Usually, when I have it on during work hours, I don’t have much makeup on my face or on that area. But i’ll experiment on it sometime this month with or without foundation and let’s see if we can compare the two samples whether one is more obvious than the other ** I have none left today so I can’t provide samples via this entry (^^#)> **. Will I buy it? YES! YES! YES!

For about 2 years now, I’ve been using this. I tried two other patches which is cheaper and is more than 12 patches in one box. But I only remember one which was the Glamworks Pimple Patch but didn’t work on my zit because after sleeping on it, the patches that I used will be all over my pillow or bed and not on the zits. Personally, miacare’s version was the only one that I can call “sleep proof” specially for someone that don’t stay put while sleeping, like me. 🙂 For a review on Glamworks’ patch, check out Dahlia’s entry. It work on her (^_^)d and you’ll find her samples useful.


Happy Meter (It scares the hell out of zits!)
Sad Meter (Works great.. really happy with this.)
Cash Meter (For me, 12 patches a box is expensive.)

Hope you enjoy the new format and you got to learn something about the products I tried. Please feel free to share your experience on the products above whether it’s good or bad or if you have alternatives that can be useful for others who gets to read this.

Have a great day or night wherever you are (^_^)/

December 2015 Looks, Post #RedHairProject & EuroTrip

December 2015 Looks

Using the star of the month of November 2015, which was my practice month for December, the following are the looks resulting from Lancome’s travel palette:


Please note that I recreated them today since I forgot to take a close up picture of the looks during my vacation (^^#)

  1. Top – Left to Right: Lack-of-time, With spare time, Christmas Night Makeup
  2. Bottom – Left to Right: No eye shadow, Warm Tone, Smokey
  3. Center – are the two lipsticks that I mix and match when I am not just using my lipglose (^^,)/

Then here’s a picture of the products I used:


The newest addition here is the Kiko Cosmetic’s BB cream. I got this from Milan after I noticed that due to the cold weather the hydrating foundation & primer from Smashbox is not working on me. Dry patches resulted from it after a few minutes outside and exposed to cold wind. Since the BB Cream is light and very liquid (and I think it has oil in it), it was able to withstand the cold wind and just a few dry patches developed after a few hours of exposure. Applying jojoba oil on my moisturizer might have help in preventing the dry patches.

Post Red Hair Project Update

So they say, the cold weather is a fake red hair’s best friend… And I think I believe it… The red was vibrant even if the bottom section show some signs of fading.

For maintenance, I used the same products as before but only the quantity that I need (light packing heehee). I follow the same schedule on when to wash it or use a dry shampoo.

Some of these pictures are intentional for this blog others are just snap shots taken from our couple pics (o^^o):


EuroTrip 2015 Adventure

Then, here are some pics from our Eurotrip ü It was a nice adventure and an accomplishment for me and my special one (^^,)/

Artsy Pictures of Museums and Landmarks

  • Top-Left: Versailles, France (Chateau De Versailles)
  • Top-Right: Bern, Switzerland (Old City)
  • Bottom-Left: Zurich, Switzerland (Rheinfalls)
  • Bottom-Right: Pisa, Italy (Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Cathedral)



All about Paris

  • Top-Left: Eiffel Tower
  • Top-Right: Arc de Triomphe
  • Bottom-Left: Bridge on our way to Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Bottom-Right: Louvre Museum



Looking down from…

  • Top-Left: Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)
  • Top-Right: Rosengarten (Bern, Switzerland)
  • Bottom-Left: Leaning Tower (Pisa, Italy)
  • Bottom-Right: Campanile de San Marco (Venice, Italy)

(^^,)/ Good day!

#RedHairProject Week 4

Due to my trip abroad (which usually means a week  before the my departure last December 13 would be fully booked (^_^#)>), I was just able to post these items today. This post will be shorter than usual since I am just using the same products and there are no new updates except for one new tool that I used for our Christmas Party last December 07. Enjoy!

Seventh Wash

Washed it a day earlier, December 08 (instead of December 09, Wednesday), since the smoke from the bar where we had the after party event got stuck on my hair when I woke up this morning. Hair looks great and has retained a bit of the curl/wave from last night. Seems like I get to extend this a bit more before my trip to Europe this Saturday (^_^)d


All pictures above are direct sunlight but of different angle. As you can see in the lower left, sometimes it is more ginger in color (almost showing the bleached color at the latter part of the ombre section) but most of the time it is red.

Eight Wash

December 12, last wash in relation with this project. This is the last wash before the one-month expiry of the color. It seems that I was able to extend it even if the bleached color at the ombre section is starting to show. Let the picture do the talking on this section (–,)/


New Tool: Full Size Curler from Eva NYC

Great curler. Love the different sizes I got from Eva Nyc’s 4P Interchangeable Barrel Curler Metallic Pink.

Funny Story (well for me :P): All this time I thought it was Eva Nye. Poor eyesight does that to you. The “c” on their logo looks like an “e”. While I was window shopping at Beauty Bar a few weeks ago, I even said “Eva Nye” to the sales lady. The look on her face was priceless 🙂 I don’t know if she wants to correct me or laugh at my face but no worries, she didn’t do either although I’ll appreciate it if I was corrected early on (^^,)

Anyway, I’ll provide my thoughts on this product when I’m able to use this a few more times.

Here’s the finished look using the 32mm barrel:


It was curlier earlier in the morning but after styling it, I like how the curl softened into waves that was a match to the hairstyle that I’m using for the Office Christmas Party last December 07.

The hairstyle above is based on Kayley Melissa’s video. The video contains 7 holiday hairstyle and the one that I used is called, “Work Party”. To go straight to the “Work Party” tutorial, click here.

Products used:


Lafes Dry Shampoo in Red (Available in Healthy Options)
Pureology serious color care, super smooth shampoo (Available at BenchFix Salon)
Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Conditioner (Available at BenchFix Salon)
Shikai Color Reflect Shine Serum (Available at Beauty Bar shops and their online store)


Proganix, Smooth acai berry + Hydra Kerstin, Flat Iron Finish + Hydration (Available in Watsons)
Alba Botanica medium hold hair spray with color protection (Available in Healthy Options)
Eva NYC’s Up All Night Volumizing Spray (Available at Beauty Bar shops and their online store)
JML Travel Pro Hair Dryer
Wimpex Active Mini Pro
Eva Nyc’s 4P Interchangeable Barrel Curler Metallic Pink